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Anne G. Faigen has written several young people's novels, Finding Her Way (1997), Brave Salamander (2005) and New World Waiting (2006). She has also written two mysteries for general readers - Frame Work (2008) and Out of Turns (2009). With a B.A. in creative writing and a graduate degree in literature, she enjoyed a rewarding career teaching high-school and college classes in literature and writing before becoming a full time author. An abiding interest in encouraging young readers to learn about themselves and their world motivated her to write historical fiction.

Anne Faigen's books can be found at Barnes & Noble, the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont, the Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley, and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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new world waiting New World Waiting
By Anne G. Faigen
$17.95 (0-9744715-5-0) - Paperback

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(from the book cover)  "I'm sorry ma'am, but customers aren't supposed to go down there. My uncle wouldn't like it."

"Oh bother your uncle. If he asks, tell him he has nothing to fear from me. My name's Willa Cather and I'm not really a customer."

Fifteen-year old Molly Klein knew her uncle wouldn't want a customer to see the basement coop of his poultry store, where chicks were born and raised in total darkness. Molly herself hated to visit the cellar. But this woman would not accept no for an answer.

Imagine Molly's surprise the first day of school when she discovers that the nervy woman from her uncle's store is also her new teacher - a young aspiring journalist named Willa Cather. It's one more challenge for Molly in her new world, where her mother still acts like a greenhorn, her father and brothers are missing, and her best friend, Cleo, faces a horrible tragedy.

Her brother may call her bossy, but Molly's spirit helps pull her through her first years in this new world.

brave salamander Brave Salamander
By Anne G. Faigen
$16.95 (1-4137-4924-0) - Paperback

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(from the book cover)  In 1850, on adjoining farms near Concord, Massachusetts, live Sally and Amanda, cousins so inseparable their brothers call them "Salamander," suggesting they slip and slide into mischief. Strange activities at a neighboring farm intrigue the girls. At night, weird shadows lurk behind curtained windows. The reclusive farm owners have no visitors and reject neighborliness. When Sally and Amanda tell their brothers about shadowy figures and whispers on the wind, the boys respond with stories of witchcraft and sorcery. The girls vow to avoid the farm but curiosity drives them back to the house.

One night they stumble on their neighbor's secret - and willingly become part of it. The farm is a station on the Underground Railroad where two run-away slaves - children like themselves - are hidden. Caught up in a plan to help them escape, the girls confront evil and endanger themselves and their families.

finding her way Finding Her Way
By Anne G. Faigen
$9.95 (0-88092-405-5) - Paperback

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(from the book cover)  1845... Rachel wanted to be an artist more than anything. Girls were supposed to marry, raise children and keep the house. Rachel could not even go to the school her brothers attended. When Henry David Thoreau and Margaret Fuller - two of the most extraordinary literary figures of their day - came into her life at Walden Pond, Rachel was ready to seize the opportunities they offered a girl with extraordinary talent.

frame work

Frame Work
By Anne G. Faigen
Avalon, $23.95 (978-0-8034-9929-4) - Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

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"College professor Sarah Brandau receives an invitation to participate in a literary conference in Prague and persuades her grandmother, Edith, to accompany her. Edith raised Sarah after her parents died and she does not understand how her granddaughter could abandon Manhattan for a rural college campus in Pennsylvania. After arriving in Prague, they explore the area near their hotel and find an ornate picture frame in an antique shop. Edith purchases a print to put in the frame, thinking that it will be a nice gift for a friend. When they get back to their hotel, they examine their purchase and find that they got something more than a simple print. When the dealer calls them to try to get the picture back, Edith and Sarah find themselves in the midst of international art theft and Nazi war crimes. Their quiet trip to an academic conference has turned into a life-threatening journey. Readers of historical novels as well as mystery fans will enjoy this not-so-cozy adventure."
Barbara Bibel - Booklist Review   November 1, 2008

frame work Out of Turns
By Anne G. Faigen
Avalon, $23.95 (978-0-8034-9989-8) - Hardcover, Paperback and Kindle

For orders: Amazon

(from the book cover)  Hazel Newton, who insists on being called Figgy, is elated at the prospect of a dream vacation. She will spend the winter break from her teaching job with her best friend, Tessa, who left teaching to work in Taiwan. Their reunion, Figgy is certain, will be filled with exotic sightseeing, encounters with interesting new people, and adventerous fun. Tessa has always known how to make even the most ordinary days full of excitement and laughter.
Figgy expects her first international holiday to be unforgettable. And it is - just not in the way she'd imagined. Within hours of her friend's arrival, Tessa must leave on a work assignment she can't postpone, which leads to her disappearance. Figgy's dream vacation soon descends into a nightmare. Adrift in a strange city and unable to speak the language, she must track down her missing friend while she is threatened by forces she doesn't understand.